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The field of orthodontics means more than just straightening your teeth. It also means creating a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.  


Most patients don’t immediately realize that straighter teeth also lead to better overall oral health. Orthodontic care makes it easier to clean and maintain your teeth. This includes benefits like reducing the chance of getting cavities, healthier gums, and of course, a better bite.

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Treating Kids And Adults

Remember, a beautiful smile isn’t just for kids. You can achieve that healthy and beautiful smile at any age, and we have treatment options to fit your needs, including Invisalign and Damon Clear. Many of our clients are adults who are finally getting the dental care they need!


Like all of our other specialties, an orthodontist is available on-site for your convenience. Call today to schedule an appointment at our office in Lynwood, CA!

What Treatment Is Right For Me?

With so many treatment options, how do you choose the right one? Our orthodontists have years of experience treating clients with a wide range of dental conditions. We can help you clearly understand your particular ortho needs and which option is best for you.


A common question we hear from new patients is, “What’s the difference between a general dentist doing my treatment and an orthodontist doing it?” The answer comes down to the different training required for different dental specialties. 


An orthodontist has three years of additional specialty training in the field of orthodontics after finishing dental school as a general dentist. This results in much more experience in working with a wide range of cases. This extra experience allows these individuals to skillfully tackle any ortho case – simple or complex.

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