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Oral surgery can be the solution to a variety of conditions and disorders, ranging from removing wisdom teeth and treating TMJ issues to moving jaw bones and doing dental botox. No matter the procedure, our oral surgeons and team focus on providing patients with a safe and comfortable experience and a high quality of care.


Using the latest technology and techniques, we are able to reduce the downtime that is normally associated with any kind of surgical procedure. This is accomplished because we have only the best and brightest surgeons available in-house at our dental office.


Let's discuss one of our most common procedures – wisdom teeth extraction!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

We refer to wisdom teeth removal as a rite of passage. Wisdom teeth usually do not come in until later in life, around age 17-25, which is why they’re called “wisdom” teeth – since wisdom comes with age. They are the large molars located at the very back of the mouth and are also called “third molars” because of their location.


What problems can wisdom teeth cause if not removed? They can become impacted in the jaw, cause infections, or disrupt the alignment of neighboring teeth.

Why Should We Get Our Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Most people get their wisdom teeth removed on a preventive basis, just to make sure no problems arise. It’s often easiest to remove wisdom teeth when people are young, rather than waiting until later in life when the teeth are more firmly in place and harder to extract. 


In some cases, we perform wisdom teeth extractions because of general wisdom teeth pain or impacted wisdom teeth.  Most people have a perfectly normal and quick healing process and are back to eating normally and going about their usual routine in just a few days.


For wisdom teeth and other surgery needs, We Care Dental has you covered. Our in-office oral surgeon can provide a free consultation in Lynwood, CA.

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